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Image of Luna

The namesake of our organization, Luna, was a gentle, beautiful French Lop rabbit. Luna was surrendered to a local animal shelter and was immediately taken into foster care (with two of Luna’s House, Inc. founders) in order to provide her with treatment for her many health concerns.

Upon surrender, Luna was anemic and underweight, the result of severe malnutrition. Because she had been confined to an outdoor hutch for years—an enclosure so small she could not turn around—she suffered from muscle atrophy in her hind legs, urine scald and advanced dermatitis on her abdomen, legs, and feet, and the cartilage in her back had, over time, become brittle and fragile. Add to these ailments infections in both of her eyes and ears, as well as marked social introversion, and we were faced with one very sick little girl.

Over the next seven months she spent in her foster home, Luna underwent countless visits to veterinarians, X-rays, bloodwork, acupuncture, physical therapy and therapeutic massage, and daily administration of various medications, vitamins, and dietary supplements.

Luna’s overall health improved, as did her outlook on life, but in the end, we, as her foster parents, were unable to provide her with the quality of life she deserved. The effects of years of neglect could not be undone, despite all the love we gave her or the medical and therapeutic intervention we provided.

Luna passed away on July 27, 2006 but not before instilling in us the overwhelming realization that humane awareness is the key to helping so many of the animals in need we all see or hear about every day.

Although Luna’s story reads as a sad one, it can serve as an inspiration to us all to do better for the animals in our own lives. Despite what she had endured throughout the majority of her existence, Luna had an unbreakable spirit and unbelievably calming presence. She showed love and affection to people and to other animals unconditionally in the last months of her life. In the process, Luna taught us a remarkable lesson about compassion and kindness.

Luna touched the heart of everyone who met her, and, through the work of our organization, her story will touch many more. In memory of Luna and in honor of other animals who are homeless or in need, we have formed Luna’s House, Inc.

We believe that even a small group of dedicated individuals can make all the difference in the world.

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