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Food and Such

Cat Food (We feed our kitties VéRus)

KMR Powdered Milk Replacer for Kittens

Litter - clumping Corn Fiber, clumping Swheat Scoop, or clumping clay litter preferred

Toys, Enclosures, Accessories

Pet beds

Toys for cats



Food and Such

Dog Food (We feed our doggies VéRus)

Odoban cleaner

Toys, Enclosures, Accessories

Pet beds - Kuranda or similiar type (www.kuranda.com)
Toys for dogs - Kongs, hard rubber toys, Nylabones (all sizes)
Leashes and Collars (no leather please) - in need of Martingales (all sizes)

Thundershirts and DAP collars (all sizes)

Front clip harness (all sizes)


Needs for Services

Fencing: Needed for enclosing dog exercise areas and animal pick-up/drop-off areas

Asphalt removal, disposal, and leveling, needed for the creation of our dog exercise area




Food and Such

Timothy Hay

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Chinchilla Pelleted Food (We feed our critters Oxbow foods)

Rat, Hamster, or Gerbil Pelleted Food (We feed our critters Oxbow, ZuPreem or Kaytee)

Gift Cards for local grocery stores (For purchasing fresh greens and veggies)

Heavy Ceramic Food/Water Bowls

Small Animal Bedding ( CareFresh, Oxbow Eco-Straw or Yesterday's News Litter)

Toys, Enclosures, Accessories

Untreated Willow or Wood Toys for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla.....

Grass or willow mats

Toys for Birds

Bird Perches

Cage Accessories: Pigloos, Wooden Houses

Exercise Wheel (Silent Spinners perferred)

Reptile Basking Bridges or Caves


General Needs

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

HE Laundry Detergent

Nail clippers


Trash bags

Printer paper

Office Supplies

Cleaning Supplies (brooms, bleach, hand soap, hand sanitizer)


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