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Luna’s House is a one-of-a-kind animal rescue located in Edgewood, MD, just north of Baltimore. The rescue was founded by Nevin and Lisa Randle, a husband and wife team called to action to save and better the lives of companion animals in their community. Named after a neglected French Lop rabbit with a compelling presence, Luna’s House was incorporated in November 2006 and has, to date, placed over 3,000 animals in loving adoptive homes.

There are a number of factors that really set Luna’s House apart—one of which is the organization’s work with companion animals of all shapes, sizes, and species. The first animal adopted from Luna’s House was Samantha, a Chilean Rose Tarantula, and in the past eleven years, the rescue has taken in and rehomed various breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, degus, hedgehogs, birds, reptiles, and even hermit crabs!

Luna’s House is fortunate to have talented, dedicated volunteers with experience in the proper care of a wide array of companion animal species. Each Adoption Program (Cats, Dogs, and Small Animals) is entirely run by volunteers—good people who give selflessly of their time and receive only good karma in return. Through the knowledge and skill sets of its phenomenal volunteers, Luna’s House is able to provide exemplary care to its animals, and in turn pass on this information to adopters.

Luna’s House believes strongly that education is a fundamental part of raising humane awareness and promoting respect for all animals. The organization hosts educational tours of its Animal Care & Education Center for Scout, school, and other community groups. Luna’s House volunteers also visit schools, local businesses, and expos at which they speak about the proper care and humane treatment of animals. Only through teaching others—children and adults alike—is it possible to shape the future of animal care in our communities.

Luna’s House feels it is important to lead by example. As such, the animals in Luna’s House programs have roomy, species- appropriate, climate-controlled enclosures and are fed high quality, nutritious, holistic foods. All animals are provided with top-quality veterinary care prior to adoption, including spay/neuter, as appropriate by species. Volunteers also happily provide love, affection, exercise, stimulation, and basic training. Luna’s House aims to break the cycle of neglect and improper care in order to begin each animal’s life anew.

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