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Any time you could spare to help out the homeless animals of our community could really make a difference. Donations of your time in the form of becoming a Luna’s House Volunteer, or opening your heart and home as a Foster Care Provider, are truly priceless.

For more information on volunteering your time, please contact volunteer@lunashouse.org.

Click this link to download our Volunteer Application Form*.

Please complete the Volunteer Application and bring it with you to a New Volunteer Orientation.

We are now scheduling *individual* New Volunteer Orientations & Training (we are not currently hosting group Orientations). Please call our facility at (410) 671-2954 and select option 5 from the menu to sign up for New Volunteer Orientation & Training.

We will ask for the following information:

  • Name, phone number, e-mail address
  • Availability (Days & Times)
  • Animal Team with whom you would like to work (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, or Smalls) —you MUST select ONE
  • Confirmation that you are 18+ years of age

For safety and liability reasons, we will only be accepting new volunteers AGES 18+ UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are NOT able to make ANY exceptions to this policy. We apologize for any disappointment this causes.

PLEASE NOTE: As more information about COVID-19 is discovered and the health crisis it has caused lessens, we plan to reinstate volunteering opportunities for individuals ages 10- 17 years, as "assistant" volunteers. For safety, liability, and logistical reasons, adults are *always* the primary volunteer, and children can help with some duties. We currently do not have an estimate of when we will be accepting minors as new volunteers, so cannot provide any time frames.

Updated October 22, 2020

(*Adobe Acrobat required. Click here to download this free app.)

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