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Thanks to the generosity of local businesses and individuals, Luna's House receives a surplus of food and treats for dogs, cats, and other companion animals. Because we only use VeRUS foods for our rescue dogs and cats and Oxbow and Sweet Harvest foods for our small and furries and birds, we have found a way for the donations from these fine folks to go to great use!


How We Help

Luna’s House donates a significant amount of pet food and treats to feral cat caretakers in our area, as well as to local wildlife rescues. We are thrilled to give back to other people and organizations who help sections of the animal poplulation we currently do not reach.


By paying it forward to others who help animals, it feeds all of our souls. We are grateful to those who donate for the opportunity to make a difference to feral cats and local wildlife!



We give special thanks to Fallston and Aberdeen Walmarts, Middle River and Whitemarsh Target stores, and all of those who donate in-kind items to Luna's House!


Updated September 2016


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